Poetry: Balance by Russell Eversole

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 6:31pm by FWM Online

by_WiciaQ @deviantart

by_WiciaQ @deviantart

The beauty of the sunset does not detract

from the majesty of the sea.

The Redwood, in all its greatness,

cannot diminish the value of the forest floor.


The grandeur of the Rockies detracts nothing

from the nobleness of the Great Planes.

The thrill of the city, only highlights

the calmness of the rural town.


As bright as Broadway is, only brings

greater praise to the stars seen on a desert night.

Having the riches of the world makes

the simple things all the more valuable.


The fondness of friends

makes each friend a treasure.

The love of one child only grows more valuable

with the children you love.


And the unique love for one person looses nothing

in the light of all that are loved.

It only becomes that much more unique, for that love is unique,

not for the giver, but because of the uniqueness of the receiver.


The blessing of love is a light that shines to the glory of God

and is the greatest gift to lay on His altar.



Russell Eversole

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