Poetry: ‘My Final Judgement’ by Mark Nielson

Posted on Aug 12 2014 - 3:58pm by Mark Nielson

final judgementLong ago a manifestation took place

As if the wind blew me into another dimension

A time where a pitchfork could have been my crutch

But I decided to use just that to dig myself out of the fiery pit

Down deep in the hole coals burned

Perhaps if I stood around longer then my road would have been different

Being alive today proves it more to me each day

My past plays in my mind all the time

Recalling the darkness when times were Hell bent

It’s like a verdurous root that keeps growing

My heart was always bold, but shared a soothing soul

And that is when the truth unchained me from links

As I floated up stream the skies opened up for me

And a light shined that lead me here

Now closer to God than I ever was

And it was that good book that found me

As I read each day and night, I then say, do not worry he had me for a few years but you can have me for eternity

And that was the end of my nightmares and fears

My eyes opened as wide as the moon it seems

Because I saw everything so much clearer

I saw the beautiful things I could do

Like become a full time dad and husband too

And because of my pure will and drive I survived

A place where it took my final judgement to finally change my ways.

Copyright © 2014 Mark Nielson

Poet Mark Nielson

Poet Mark Nielson

About the Author

Raised in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx, doorways opened from shadows on corners. Much can be told by the thoughts I have sharedfrom my pen; of families trying to stay together or just trying to live. The streets were tough when I was growing up, but you had to be tougher. That is why living through these experiences helped me grow into something much more. I have grown into a writer who has dedicated his time and expressed lessons learned to writing my first book "A Train Ride of My Thoughts." Mark Nielson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dapoetmarkism

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