A new novel mystery hits shelves: Bancroft Press releases ‘Pinot Envy’

Posted on Jul 16 2013 - 4:24pm by FWM Online

Pinot EnvyBaltimore, MD (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

On July 16, just in time to make a splash in mystery fans’ summer reading, Pinot Envy hits the shelves dripping with praise.

The latest title from Bancroft Press features a murder mystery set in motion by the theft of a unique bottle of red. Created by Edward Finstein, best known to fans as The Wine Doctor, this burgundy-stained murder mystery twists and turns from Napa Valley to the scenic hills of San Francisco.

The novel follows Woody Robbins, an atypical investigator, as he sniffs out clues surrounding the disappearance of a rare and valuable wine formerly in the collection of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Suspense Magazine has weighed in, saying that “from the title to the plot, this is one book that hits on all cylinders: humor, mystery, adventure. The author has certainly put his years of experience and knowledge in the wine industry to great use.”

Tony Aspler, author and member of the Order of Canada, states that “Edward Finstein knows his wine and he packages that knowledge in a fast-paced murder mystery that’s as intriguing and enjoyable as a glass of fine Pinot Noir.”

And Booklist proclaims that “readers will enjoy the wine lore and the San Francisco and Napa ambiance in this mystery with a pleasant aftertaste of humor.”

“Generally,” says Finstein, an accomplished wine aficionado from Toronto, Ontario, “it’s a fun-filled whodunit.”

Although this is Finstein’s first novel, it is hardly his first time in the writer’s chair. Besides his television and radio presence, he comes with a list of magazine and periodical columns a mile and half long including Recreation News, Beach Metro News, Elite Wine, Food & Travel, and more. He has made a career of sharing wine’s finest features with a wide audience on air and off. As a professor of wine at George Brown College, School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, and one of the few wine appraisers in Canada, his expertise is renowned. Having penned the acclaimed non-fiction Ask The Wine Doctor, Finstein was perfectly poised to bring his passion into the world of fiction.

“There’s way too much snobbery in wine and that has never been my thing,” says Finstein. “Wine should be fun and enjoyable, so I simply carried this over into fiction writing.”

Pinot Envy will be just the beginning, if publisher Bruce Bortz has anything to say about it. “Of the many reasons I did this book, which is planned as a series, is there’s very little wine fiction out there, in spite of wine’s huge and growing role in the popular culture. Ed is a witty and wise storyteller. I believe this story will be enjoyed by mystery readers and wine lovers alike.”

As of July 16, Pinot Envy is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores everywhere.

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