Poetry: ‘Imagine’ by Tarringo T. Vaughan

Posted on May 18 2014 - 9:46am by Tarringo Vaughan

A mildly dented beer can is sitting on

the edge of sobriety.  It stands still against

a shifting wind that is balancing its ‘Budweiser’ logo

on the surface of my vision; once twelve ounces

of substance now half full or half empty

depending on how the angle of the mind

stares down the circular blinking eye of tin.
Imagine where this can has been
Imagine the beauty in someone’s unfinished booze

minding it’s own business on  this cluttered sidewalk

filled with remnants of the night before.  A stale must

lingers barely washed away by a slight cough
in the air
I wonder how it got there and I imagine

The lips of an over partier is waking up hung-over

physically drained but much alive celebrating

another day of chances.
A chance to start new;

a chance to witness brighter skies

a chance to resurface in someone’s eyes.
Because who knows what one more sip

would’ve conquered before the night’s demise

or why this can was left there as an advertisement
of optimism
this life is a prism of imaginations that connects

worlds that we wouldn’t know existed otherwise

and as I stand here and fantasize and give life

to something meant to be stepped over or thrown away

I recognize…
That here I imagine
The significance of someone else’s garbage

abandoned here on a public sidewalk

serving as an introduction to someone out there

who left it sitting here
to be written.

About the Author

Tarringo T. Vaughan always believed he had a love affair with literature. One of the first pictures he saw of himself was of him at maybe the age of three or four year’s old sitting with a book in his hand. But for Tarringo, growing up in the depths of the inner city both in Boston, MA and Springfield, MA made him believe that expression through the literary voice was un-cool and unattainable. As a very quiet and shy child he learned it became very valuable in his self expression. Born in 1976, Tarringo was the first child, grandchild and nephew in a family that had grown accustomed to struggle. His mother was a teenager who quickly lost the support of my father who today he knows very little of. These aspects of his life triggered the inspiration of his pen. Tarringo is the publisher of two poetry books. "Beyond Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads" and "A Crack In The Sidewalk." Purchase information or to find more of his work visit http://www.tarringovaughan.net. Tarringo is also a writer at Examiner.com.

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