Poetry: ‘My Love Poetry’ by Andrew Vassell

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 6:17pm by FWM Online

Rose_by_HazinessMy Love Poetry


As she hides within me,

buried beneath the root

of my heart, expressed

through the intimacy of

my every thoughts. You

understands the joys I

feel and you fulfills me

immensely, oh poetry.


Poetry it’s easy to love

you and I’ll answer when

they ask what inspires

me to write you. Daily

I share you because my

pride just wants to show

you to the world because

poetry you’re my cure,

it’s you I adore.

Poetry you are my life

experiences, you are

the words I write, the

depictions of my life,

the past and present

I’ve seen and the dream

my love forever wants

to reveals.

Andrew Vassell

Andrew Vassell (Ntyse) © Copyright 2012

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