Poetry: ‘The Road” by Paul Alan Sankey

Posted on Jul 24 2013 - 9:28pm by FWM Online

Mystery_Road_by_intaoTHE ROAD

traveling on a long road to nowhere
all i ever wanted was
to show you that i care
but you lost your faith in me
and sent me on this lonesome journey
dragging all my skeletons behind me
having conversations with the voices in my head
as i keep my eyes pointed straight ahead
feeling as if something is stalking me
i don’t know what because misery has already caught me
and on this road i continue to tread
inside me i am consumed by dread

and as the sun begins to set in the sky
it feels as if my whole existence is a lie
as the darkness blinds my way
there are so many things i forgot to say
but you never really listened to me anyway
so as the darkness clings to me
like a thick blanket of futility
my memories act out before me
not unlike some kind of silent movie
where the bad guy wins and the hero dies
in a bloody pool of his own lies

something tells me that this road i’m on never ends
i look to the sky as the stars are my only friends
and as coldness wraps herself around me
i try to stay calm but it never works
somewhere in the darkness my past lurks
i can hear the hunger that is following me
licking it’s lips and growling behind me
is it just my past trying to devour me
and as i continue on the night turns to dawn
and i am relieved to hear the birds
and their happy song

and as morning becomes today
i feel whatever was stalking me
has faded and gone away
and as the sky turns to blue
i still feel like i am missing you
but i feel as if it’s time i took my place
amongst the animals of the human race
and to get off this road to nowhere
because i have so much i want to share
because really deep down inside
for you i still really care

(C)2012 Paul Alan Sankey

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