“Drowing In Silence”: The Dreams Of Michael Jones

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Silence____by_WiciaQThese are poems and thoughts of Michael Jones, dreams in his every day world, he loves being able to envision an unwritten future. And then relay them onto paper. These poems and thoughts mean a lot to him; they come from a place very seldom visited by someone special in his life, and for that matter to even himself at times. Michael Jones is from a small town named Kellyville in Oklahoma, growing up in a farming town was something that he never had any desire to do. He moved around a lot through his adolescent years with his father from state to state. So many schools, that is was impossible to make friends, when he was going to be gone at the end of the year or the next, so he mostly kept to himself during those days. He graduated from High School in 1987 from Hammon, Oklahoma a small town out in western Oklahoma.

Dammed Sadism

Death dances all around me as I hold my black rose of life

While Celtic pagans sing an un-earthly lullaby of pain and sorrow

As death adder lays motionless at the foot of my cradle

My demising mask is made of soiled dirt and the blood of the dammed

Thunder rolls across the devilish shadows of the pit less gorge

A godless war erupts from the evils of false prophets

As it’s crushed my revivification to once was pure and true

While religions become an obsession, it’s our destinies to crash

The gloomed stage is set, a theater of tragedy performs its greatest act

As the deceiver of un-opened eyes speaks, as I want to breathe again

With streams of passion and nostalgia crystallizing in my dreams

My heart cries out, but not of tears or blood, but for the love of man

With zombies in my fairyland I sit broken but will never surrender

So I wait for my rebirth into the golden paradise of that which is promised

I’ll ride the red sun and crawl on its scorching face

As I am a blasphemer entangled in my rotting corps called infidel

My name is silenced, while I carry my dark lantern into the un-known

A bittersweet nightshade covers my wounds at the edge of the world

As I watch humanity collide in the lifelines of a blackthorn winter

With all colors drowning in the same dark waters of time

Blind me forever and put the weight of my world on my shoulders

Give me eternal night by the last train to hell and black rain

Chain me to the beautiful death that awaits the sins of humanity

As I am lost in this universe, destroyed by the evils of man

Kings and Queens of all nations we are lost in the dreams of sanity

It’s the mutter song of a grandiose fever of your luciferian elegy

Only the dust of past lives gives us the calling of an illuminating sound

As I lay here in my cradle of filth, I pray to be un-dammed by his grace


Michael Jones


© Drowning Silence Poetry & Thoughts 2011 Unauthorized use of Michael W. Jones’s Poetry is prohibited


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Poet Michael Jones

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