Poetry: ‘At Peace’ by Sophie Boswell

Posted on Jul 10 2013 - 6:52pm by FWM Online

Direct_sunlight_by_DynnnadAt Peace


At Peace by Sophie Boswell

The mammoth sun’s fire, penetrates my mind

While crisp, cool, air – an antidote of a kind –

Caresses my skin, in the middle of the day

To help a tangle of thoughts, float away

Fire and ice, simultaneously

Encapsulate my body, and set my mind free

Here I can dwell, on spirit and soul

The things that matter; the things that make me whole

What luxury it is, to breathe pure air

To be lying on my bed, with wind combing my hair

While my brow is sweating, and my toes feel cool

And where silence abounds, like heavenly fuel

To transport me to, some place in space

The place I came from, like the rest of the human race

And the place I’ll return to ­ when it’s time ­

When Spirit is inside me and I finally resign.


© 2011 by Sophie Boswell

Sophie Boswell

Sophie Boswell

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