Poetry: ‘Dreams Come and Go’ by Richard J. Panizza

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by_Katja_Spectraliquid @ Deviant art

by_Katja_Spectraliquid @ Deviant art

Dreams Come and Go


The very essence of your heart

Your soul being your reasoning

For continuing –

Striving on ward for, from the very



From when you had begun

To where you end up being


Some do come true

While others tragically fail relegated

To the ash heaps of your life’s history

Never again to then be seen.


Either way

Regardless of success or failure alike

Never do cease dreaming


Keep the sprit alive

Keep moving to survive


Always hold on to what is more than a

Feeling but, rather is the very means to

That all remains and much more pertinently,



– R.J. Panizza
©2013 R.J.P.

All rights reserved.

Richard J. Panizza

Richard J. Panizza

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