Poetry: Insomina by James Kelley

Posted on Jul 11 2013 - 11:39pm by FWM Online


I find a brief moment’s peace
inside these insomniatic day dreams.

With dry eyes,
…and a lethargic conscience;
I wander through this fable
that I’m told is reality.

Hindsight isn’t quite 20/20,
and I’m here
…squandering the
…relativity of time.

Reaping no benefit
as I toggle between mind numbing
exhaustion and over active
mental techathalon strides.

Blurred forms,
and silent cries.

I hold the end of this rope
with vagrant humility;
and merciless appraisal.

Am I to let go?

I can’t stay here;
Hanging between life
and dream

I must decide.

I am to awaken.

-James Kelley 2010©

James Kelley

James Kelley

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