Poetry: ‘The Master’s Plan’ by Tate Morgan

Posted on Jul 22 2013 - 4:36pm by FWM Online

Tate's SwingThe Master’s Plan


There is a great tree where we live

It’s a comfort to have it near

We pass by it every day

it has stood for many a year


In the last twenty years or so

as I passed the days of my prime

I found that I kept going back

seeking solace time after time


What amounted to years for us

were days in the life of the tree

It stood there stout towering firm

all the while it comforted me


I’d lie beneath the canopy

where I would stare up at the sky

Watching the leaves blow in the wind

counting the years as they passed by


So majestic is this old tree

oh the lives that it’s watched over

How many loves have come and gone

beneath leaves amongst the clover


Yesterday I happened to see

Tate with his girl beneath its arms

Swinging within its warm embrace

while it happily shared its charms


I am sure it will outlive me

standing long after my own time

Looking after my grandchildren

sharing love of music and rhyme


This tree has watched my son grow up

from a small boy to a young man

Here it stands in graceful beauty

a small piece of the Masters plan


– Tate Morgan


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