Poetry: Desperate White Men by Leigh Binder

Posted on Jul 19 2013 - 3:13pm by FWM Online

Desperate White menI was drowning in lip service

Suffering the smell

Retching in a small alcove

Hoping never to be found


Trying to survive the taint

Of lowly peasants riding high

Praying for replacement with fevered sweat

Bulging waistlines


Sanctimony so thick

I thought I was standing in a landfill


Oh say can you puke

From the dawns early nightmare?


Dripping words

Of self-satisfying sleaze

Inundate the airwaves


In search of power

In search of young hot flesh


Loosening a bulbous/pock-marked tie

Demeaning her with a tiny flag pin

Hanging lifeless

From an impotent lapel


There can be no consummation


But there will be urination!


On the lips of the future

While phallic discourse

By desperate white men

Rages on


Searching and seizing

All that remains

Their place in history


So pointless


Better to die prostrate

Before the masses

Where drive-by shootings

Speak the truth


The right-now of the abyss

Which has looked back

And found it so repelling


It crawled into a festering sewer

Just to get away

Leigh Binder

Leigh Binder

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