Poetry: The Old Man in the Nepali Cap Art Heifetz

Posted on Jul 6 2013 - 7:22pm by FWM Online

The Old Man in the Nepali Cap


They greeted me with silent nods,

the men with shaven heads

dressed in white sarongs

like Roman statues come to life,

the women in kerchiefs

setting before me

a brass tray of tea and cakes,

their palms pressed together

as they bowed.


We had come to mourn

the old man in the Nepali cap

who, peering down

the long straight track

at a fast approaching train,

had closed his eyes and jumped,

his cap performing

three pirouettes in the air

before settling in the woods.


His was a familiar story,

the refugee expelled for

nothing more than

speaking the wrong language,

wearing the wrong dress,

practicing the wrong faith.

He had reached America

twenty years too late

with no strength to begin again.


Shantih, shantih, shantih


May he finally be transported

back to the shimmering rice fields,

the snow-capped peaks of his youth.


Poet Art Heifetz

Poet Art Heifetz

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