Poetry: Dreams by Walter William Safar

Posted on Jul 7 2013 - 1:31pm by Walter William Safar
by devdriv@Deviantart.com

by devdriv@Deviantart.com



Travel in peace, dreams of mine,

Into the land of color, the wonderful land of noble memories,

So that my blind spirit might see through the turquoise moon’s eyes,

So that my tired spirit finds its peace in your sacred cradle.

Fly with the breath of Freedom,

So that you may sow the seed of young hope

In the courtyard of heavenly gates.


Travel in peace, dreams of mine,

To honor the many tears haunted by memories,

To honor the many stars haunted by lonely nights,

To honor the many winds haunted by prayers of the unfortunate.


Oh, Destiny, how heavy the cross must be to a dreamless man.

If I had to be born again

In a poor cradle,

I would once again agree to walk the dark streets of poverty,

If only my dreams would not abandon me.


Travel in peace, dreams of mine,

Into distant valleys of saturnine silences.

Find your humble home

In the infinity of human tragedies,

So that you may fraternize many unfortunates

With your merciful existence,

So that my lonely spirit can see the magnificent light

In the fraternal souls of people I hold dear.


©Walter William Safar

Walter William Safar

Walter William Safar

About the Author

WALTER WILLIAM SAFAR was born on August 6th 1958 . He is the author of a number of a significant number of prose works and novels, including "Leaden fog", "Chastity on sale", "In the falmes of passion", "The price of life", "Above the clouds", "The infernal circle", "The scream", "The Devil’s Architect”, "Queen Elizabeth II", as well as a book of poems. e-mail: walter.william70@yahoo.com

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